a very touching movie~

I have to jot down the emotional wave I'm surfing at this moment, 1 o'clock in the morning, after watched the movie "the Notebook". Cuz I'm so afraid waking up the next morning, it'll all be gone. I barely could hold my tears from dropping when Allie and Noah, two teens from completely different family backgrounds, dance, fool around, and giggle innocently and break with misundersting. The movie brings back so many memories.

Noah frees Alley's spirit in every ways. Allie can be ALLIE when she's with Noah - she paints, she laughs out loud, without worrying about messing her hair or behaving as a lady, like she does with Ron. Though she LOVES Ron, a successful businessman from a "big" family she met after lost contact with Noah for 7 years, and was engaged with him, she sees Noah in Ron. Always. When she meets Noah again in the plantation they'd promised to remodeled together, the truly inner voice deep down in her mind echoes her memory. Love bursts.

In real world, you can't be luckier to find someone sharing unconditional love with and live a comfortable life ever after. I relate to the whole story, particularly to the character of Allie's mother. I thought about my mom and what she expected from my marriage. I think every mom with daughters would do the same thing. They always have a big picture of "wonderful life" for their daughters. But is it her life or her daughter's? I ask myself how I will respond to it when my daughters are stuck in this situation? I wish I'll have Allie's mom's gut- confess my own story and illustrate possible portrait, then leave the decision to them.

Of course Allie and Noah are happily together afterward in the story. Fiction repairs what is missing in life. But what the movie touched me vividly is the freedom and innocent love Allie and Noah shared. Everyone has this piece of memory in life that completes their puzzle. I do cherish that memory and I treasure what I have right now. I do.

Note: All these years, I've been busy around running errands, doing chores, and having a family. I don't take care of my own emotional needs well. Some might find it hard to believe, but I DO NOT go to theaters for 5 straight years ever since I became a mother. Where has Phyllis been gone? Only not long ago, I was a free-spirit girl living a confident life. And look at me now, I hardly have time to finish one book, listen to one single CD, or sipping a cup of fresh-brewed coffee. It's not that I'm discontent, just I miss that moment in life.

1:30 12/01/05

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  • stacy
  • 很努力的看完了 但 還是期待妳的中文版<br />
    想跟妳說 至少 妳擁有過想要的生活 雖然那些會成為回憶<br />
    但有更多人 仍然不知道她們要的生活是什麼<br />
  • phyllishsu
  • 每個人的生命總是有那麼一段瘋狂的過往<br />
    它不同於妳現在過著的平實生活<br />
    但它極不可能延續<br />
    經歷過那一段妳才會更珍惜妳目前所有~<br />
    <br />
  • 小米花
  • to phyllis,<br />
    <br />
    我很認真地看完你的心得,也頗有感慨. 特別是最後一段有關心情的描述. <br />
    Where has Phyllis been gone?<br />
    Dear phyllis, you are still there, just beome more than a girl. :)<br />
  • 訪客
  • :)


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