Tiff used to be enthusiastic about the music class...

Something's really bothering me, 
and I'm totally clueless how to deal with it.

Ever since Tiff started her preschool 1.5 months ago, she hates to go to her Saturday morning 1-hour music class. She used to soooo into this once-a-week class and claimed the teacher, Ms. Ling, was her favorite. She had looked forward to it immediately after returning from the class. Where has this passion gone now????? She becomes so reluctant now that I get the feeling she is even scared of the coming of SATURDAY. She kept asking me what date today is and became very low with the weekends approach. She even became teary when I insisted we have to go this coming Saturday. We talked, of course, about what is on her mind and she did name some reasons such as she'd miss her best friend at school, she'd rather go to the preschool instead, she doesn't like Ms. Ling anymore (WHAT!!!????). I explained to her, like trillion of times, that the school is close on Saturday and Sunday since teachers and kids need breaks during the week. She bursted into tears claiming she'd miss Weng Yu, her best friend at school. Jeez, am I having a super sensitive kid on the planet? Are these her deep down feelings or just excuses of all? Or is this a quite understandable attitude that a new preschool goer would adopt? And how can I make her act emotionally stronger down the road ahead of her?

It's not that she MUST go to the music class. But I want her to be consistent with things and not to give in once she doesn't feel like it. There are pressures in life that you have to conquer whether you like it or not, and I only want her to pick up a bit of this. Too many puzzling questions are pounding my head and I seem not able to find solutions from all parenting guidebooks I have. Are there any moms out there having same situation????? Help.
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